Frost Salts

Like the fire salts, this can be used as a seasoning, rub and a garnish. Considering they’re meant to be “frosty,” I figured there should be a monty, refreshing flavour, hence the inclusion of mint. So this can be rubbed into meats as they’re marinating, seasoned as they’re cooking, this can also garnish any savoury kind of meal. Have fun.

The blue colour literally comes from blue food dye. I tried using natural foods for dyes and colours and I got nothing.


Salt (strong salt base, it should be mostly made of salt)
Culinary lavender, about 2 pinches
Lemon pepper
Onion salt
Dried mint
Mixed herbs (dried - thyme, rosemary)
Fresh mint
Blue food dye


  1. Heap several spoons of table salt into a mixing bowl
  2. Add the culinary lavender, mash with a mortar and pestle or simply crumble with your own hands.
  3. Add the lemon pepper, onion salt, dried mint and mixed herbs. Mix the salts until even.
  4. Shake the closed bottle of food dye, remove the bottle cap. Fill the bottle cap with water, mixing with the 2-3 drops that naturally stuck to the bottle cap. Mix the diluted die into the salts, using your fingers (it helps the colour mix better).
  5. Serve in a shaker or a serving bowl, with some sprigs of fresh mint.


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